Laurie LeVasseur, Consumer Marketing Director
Laurie joined Circulation Specialists in 2011, and brings over 19 years of magazine circulation experience. Laurie's publishing career began in 1991 at Reader's Digest, Inc in an operations capacity. She progressed rapidly to a variety of positions within the books and magazine marketing divisions. Laurie's experience encompassed work for both Reader's Digest and Reader's Digest Large Print, Selecciones, Family Handyman and American Woodworker magazines. In addition to circulation efforts, Laurie was responsible for list rental management and partnership marketing. Her expertise includes both magazine and book marketing across all media, including online. Laurie ultimately held the position of senior marketing director.

Frank Lama, Consumer Marketing Director
Frank joined Circulation Specialists in 2013, and brings over 25 years of magazine circulation experience. Frank's publishing career began in 1985 at Guideposts in print/production quickly moving into the Circulation department holding several positions over his ten plus years. Frank has also worked for the publishers; Cowles Enthusiast Media, Belvoir Media Group, Air Age Media and AA Grapevine. Frank’s expertise is in consumer marketing, database management and fulfillment for consumer magazines, newsletters, websites and products.

Paco Acosta, Director of Marketing And Analytics
Paco joined Circulation Specialists in 2014 bringing with him 34 years of experience in magazine consumer marketing. His resume includes several positions at National Geographic, American Express Publishing, America Media and Bonnier Corporation where he applied his skills in circulation planning, subscription marketing, single copy sales, audience development and digital marketing. Most recently he was the principle at Dynamic Media Resources, LLC where he worked on new magazine launches, circulation audits and developed highly successful email campaigns and strategy.

Mark Rosen, Account Director
Mark joined Circulation Specialists in 2013, and brings over 20 years of magazine circulation experience. He has worked with some of the top B2B publishing companies in the industry including Advanstar, PRIMEDIA and McGraw-Hill. Mark’s expertise covers a wide variety of functions within audience development including subscriber acquisition and retention, database management, list rental, BPA and AAM audits and enewsletter development.

Jared Katzman, Director of Business Development
Jared has spent the past 7+ years working with publishers to increase their distribution and create revenue generation opportunities in digital publishing. He was previously director of business development for Thumb Media Group (TMG), a company that produces tablet and smartphone apps. Areas of responsibility included sales, marketing strategy and client services. His areas of focus included mobile, digital editions, custom digital publishing, eReader devices, social media and online newsstands. Jared started his digital career with Zinio, LLC where he was director of account management, overseeing digital audience development for 350 titles. Jared also has extensive experience in direct response marketing as well as new business development. Jared spent 8 years working in print publishing at US News, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

Franklin Buckley, Production Director
Franklin joined CSI in 1999 as a circulation assistant and was promoted to production manager in 2001. He was promoted to production and direct mail manager in 2007. Franklin is experienced with print production for all types of circulation promotion and fulfillment materials. Franklin manages all the print buying and direct mail trafficking for CSI.

Lori Hetherington, Fulfillment Director
Lori joined Circulation Specialists in 2016, bringing over 30 years of magazine fulfillment experience. Lori has held high-profile, business critical positions with CDS Global, the leading fulfillment vendor in the industry, all focusing on efficient sub-file management. Lori has broad knowledge of overall fulfillment operations, lettershop processes, consumer products, e-commerce, and customer service. During her career at CDS Global, Lori demonstrated her commitment to continuously improving the organization and the fulfillment objectives of all the clients she worked with, including Gruner + Jahr, Christianity Today International, The Nation, Hoffman Media, and many more.

Mark Zuckerman, Creative Director / Designer
Mark brings almost 40 years of advertising, promotion, and editorial design experience to Circulation Specialists. He has the proven ability to increase responses, sales and profits with creative, effective design concepts for marketing. He’s a detail-oriented art director with extensive experience problem-solving for corporate, publishing and non-profit clients. His winning formats range from 9 x 12 jumbo mailers to simple double postcards, classic launch packages, gift subscriptions, highly effective bills and renewals, and a variety of HTML e-mails all with an eye on economic efficiency of production, mailing and distribution. Mark has hands-on experience with all forms of print and electronic design solutions and production. He was an early adopter of “desktop publishing” in the mid 80’s and has kept current with every phase of its powerful growth through the years. He believes in the proven power of marketing, but also in elegant design. That’s what creates significant breakthroughs in the highly measurable world of direct response. Prior to joining Circulation Specialists, Mark had his own agency.

Gary Michelson, Circulation Consultant
Gary joined Circulation Specialists in 2007, and brings over 15 years of magazine circulation experience. He has worked with some of the top publishing companies in the industry including Scholastic, Consumer Reports, Reader's Digest and Condé Nast; Gary's expertise covers a wide variety of functions within circulation, including; single copy sales, customer acquisition, retention, fulfillment and partnership marketing.

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